Environmental concept 2016

As an sustainable orientated business we take our responsible for our environment very serious and we strive to take improvements in all fields in order to keep a beautiful and healthy environment for future generations. For us it is important to involve our guests actively into our environmental actions to give them a better understanding of environmental protection. Our actions have the aim to improve environmental protection steady.

Especially as a business for young guests it is a personal concern to make a mark for an intact environment for future generations. Following actions and areas are for us and our staff particularly important:

  • Education and motivation for environmental friendly behaviour of our employees
  • Extensive information on our sustainability concept for our guests and employees
  • Efficient use of all resources
  • Adaption of daily operations to save on paper
  • Reduction of disposal packaging for toiletries for our guests
  • Careful handling and exact dosing of all cleaning products
  • Environmental procurement and conscious selection of our supplier within the groups purchasing
  • Prevention of long transportation routes based on the selection of local suppliers
  • Use of public means of transport by guests as well as employees
  • Satisfaction of guests based on improved service quality without the waste of resources
  • In the framework of our ecological and environmental possibilities selective use of organic products within the gastronomic concept
  • Preservation of the natural basis of live for future generations
  • Conscious use of our drinking water


In order to transfer our environmental efforts better we attempt to fulfil the requirements of the Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism.

The Ecolabel gives consumers, public as well as private customers the possibility to recognize easily environmentally friendly products with a governmentally proven quality standard.

The environmental criteria which build the basis of the Austrian Ecolabel are the result of scientific research and extensive consultation within the commission of the Austrian Ecolabel. Member of the committee are members of responsible departments of the Austrian Ecolabel, representatives of the environment, consumer and industry associations,   unions as well as representatives of small- and medium-sized companies (sme) and commerce businesses.

With the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism the major environmental impacts, which occur within the three phases of the life cycle of a service (purchase, supply, disposal) should be kept as minimal as possible. Those criteria are especially important for the following goals:

  • Regular recording of energy and water disposal and ongoing improvements
  • Preffered use of renewable energy and substances which do not harm the environment
  • Support of environment communication and education
  • Support of touristic education and creation of work places within the corporate group
  • Takeover of social responsibility by the offering of a holistic training offer within the corporate group
  • Social engagement within charitable causes within the corporate group

Our Hostels are managed as non-smoking properties!

In order to reduce the environmental impact we try to buy products with the Ecolabel. Furthermore we inform our guests on their possibilities to support the environmental goals.